About us


Nestling beneath the Indian sub-continent, surrounded by the Indian Ocean, Sri Lanka is an island well-known for spices and tea. The country’s production is largely driven by the Monsoons that arrive twice a year. Following the Monsoon rains there is a lot of rice, vegetables, greens and fish caught off the coastal shores. Rice and curry are the staple foods at any dinner table. Besides exotic oriental cuisine the island boasts of some of the best beaches and scenic hill country. Once you are hooked on Sri Lankan food, visiting the island is inevitable.

The Monsoon Harvest is a cooking school that aims to bring authentic Sri Lanka cuisine to Melbourne society. You would be surprised how adaptable Sri Lankan cooking is, given that most of the ingredients are found at local supermarkets. For those with renewed interest in plant-based vegan diets there are plenty of options to explore in Sri Lankan-style cooking. Having learned the art of Sri Lankan cuisine the ultimate foodie’s dream would be of course to visit and explore the island.