Sri Lankan Cooking Class

Sri Lankan Cooking Class


Sri Lankan Cooking Class

Date : 23/03/2019
Location : Yarraville
Time :9.30 AM – 3.30 PM
Group Size : 12



Course Summery

Sri Lanka boasts of varied and multi-cultural food stemming from the influence of both oriental and Arab traders and European settlers. Influence of the Portuguese and Dutch into Sri Lankan cuisine is found in flavourful curries like fish Ambulthiyal (sour fish) and black pork curry and accompaniments such as Seeni Sambol. Also, you will find the influence of Arab and Malay in sweet desserts and drinks like Wattalappan and Faluda. A vast array of Tamil food come from South Indian origin street food like wade and samosa are just as tasty as in India.

Traditionally curries are simmered in the cream of coconut milk and cooked in earthenware to give out a distinctive flavour. The unique flavour in Sri Lankan dishes comes from the use of many spices and herbs. Spices like cinnamon, cardamom, cloves and nutmeg that once attracted the early traders to the island, are commonly used in the curries.

At Monsoon Harvest you will be part of Oriental cooking experience with a variety of fish and meat dishes, vegetable side dishes and sweet desserts in the offering. You will discover different spices and condiments that are used in Sri Lankan cooking and understand how the different flavours mix and melt according to different cooking methods.

There are many different ways in which fish can be cooked. Owing to the coastal areas surrounding the island fish can be found in abundance. Learn how to make signature fish curries and hot and savoury seafood dishes. Delve into a bit of European influence in doing traditional meats which however will blend very well with steamed yellow rice. Learn to cook vegan meals making use of a wide variety of greens, plant roots, beans and other vegetables. Try out mouth-watering desserts according to original recipes that are at least a hundred years old.
Sri Lanka attracts multi-cultural food primarily due to its unique geographical positioning south of the Indian sub-continent. Just as the perennial monsoons bring bounty to farmers, this learning experience will help turn out some stunning dishes. Come join us…

What you will learn

  • Sri Lankan food culture and history
  • Understanding of aromatic herbs and spices that compliment each dish
  • How to making food specific spice mixes from raw ingredients
  • Discover and use exotic ingredients
  • Learn the principles and process of infusing flavours in to food

Menu for the workshop is:

  • Prepare and cook seafood dishes
  • Prepare and cook poultry or a pork dish
  • Prepare and cook two or more vegetarians dishes
  • Making flavoured rice with ghee and coconut
  • Sri Lankan street food
  • Fusion Ceylon brulee dessert, infused with coconut, cinnamon, lime and vanilla flavours

What you will get

  • Taste testers and leftover food to take home
  • Recipes and instruction
  • Wine tasting and notes
  • Complementary cheese plater
  • Email support following class

What to bring

  • An apron
  • Wear Comfortable shoes
  • Take away food containers

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What you will learn